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Prädikatswein is Oesterreich's highest quality wine, and encompasses a number up subgradations. Chaptalization is not permitted for any of these wines and they May not be released until May 1st of the year following the harvest.

Spätlese - at least 19°KMW.
Auslese - at least 21°KMW and the bad grapes are removed.
Beerenauslese - at least 25°KMW and the bad grapes are removed.
Ausbruch - at least 27°KMW and the grapes are at least partially botrytized.
Trockenbeerenauslese - at least 30°KMW and the grapes are acompletely botrytized.

Strohwein is made from grapes with at least 25°KMW that have been dried almost to raisins. Additionally, the freezing conditions in some parts of Oesterreich allow for a true Eiswein to be made from grapes frozen before pressing and possessing at least 25°KMW.

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