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Trapani, Sicilia

Marsala is a wine produced in the Trapani province of Italia's Sicilia region for at least a couple centuries. It was one of the early wines to be declared a DOC on 2 April 1969. Marsala can be made with the grapes Calabrese, Catarratto, Catarratto Bianco Comune, Catarratto Bianco Lucido, Damaschino, Grillo, Inzolia, Nero d'Avola, Nerello Mascalese and/or Pignatello and has several grades of quality requiring aging of up to ten years:

Fine - aged a minimum of 1 year
Superiore - aged a minimum of 2 years
Superiore Riserva - aged a minimum of 4 years
Vergine e/o Soleras - aged a minimum of 5 years
Vergine e/o Soleras stravecchio or Vergine e/o Soleras riserva - aged a minimum of 10 years

Usually nonvintage, this wine is fortified up to a minimum of 17-18% alcohol. Marsala Rubino distinguishes wine made from only Calabrese, Nerello Mascalese and/or Pignatello.


Cantine Pelligrino Marsala Superiore Dry NV

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