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in vino veritas

24 December 2007 - Merry Christmas! Having trouble picking out the perfect wine for the holiday season? Then try looking through our Index of Wine Terminology.

28 November 2007 - There are 208 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in the United States. Here is information on some of the most important ones.

Oct 30, 2007 - This past week was the Yadkin Valley Grape Festival. Never heard of the Yadkin Valley? It's in the hilly piedmont of western North Carolina and is one of the fastest growing viticultural areas in America as tobacco farmers pull up their crops and plant vines instead. Not surprisingly with such a young region the whites, especially Chardonnays, seem to be the best wines produced their so far, but there were also some solid reds from Italian varietals and blends. So check out the full report on the Yadkin Valley!

Sept 3, 2007 - Lots of new wines rated in Australia, especially a large collection of Shirazes. Viticulture in this part of the world is really growing by leaps and bounds!

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